By Erin Hines

Year End Traditions

Happy Math and Music Monday!

Can you believe today is the last Math and Music Monday in 2018! I sure can’t. Even though 2018 has been a wonderful year, I am super excited for 2019. I am also excited to share with you our family’s top three “End of the Year” traditions.

Fun Fact

“Children are great imitators. So give them something GREAT to imitate.” – Anonymous

I love this quote. It’s a good one. I think this is the perfect quote for this week’s blog. This is exactly what I am trying to do with our family’s “End of the Year” traditions. My hope is that I am showing our girls how to get ready for the New Year in a meaningful way. I’m not perfect at this, and we don’t always accomplish it all, but that is why this year we picked THREE. Otherwise we will (truth – I will) get overwhelmed and not get anything done. Ok, with that being said … let’s get going.

1.) I’m sure most of you already do this… but it has to be said. Take ALL Christmas decorations down and put them away. I do love them, and this one is not always the most fun or exciting to do, but doesn’t it feel good when it’s done? This year we put a different spin on it. Because we’ve been talking about sequential order, we made sure to highlight the order in which we put it up, and now the order in which we get to take it down. Although this helped with the process, you can see the girls were still sad to see Christmas go.

Two sad girls that Christmas is over.

2.) Our second family tradition is also something you might already do, but I think it’s an important one. I am a big goal setter and list maker. I don’t do it all perfect or always accomplish all my goals, but I do write them down. Last year was our first year to include our girls in our goal setting process. We sit down together and have a family meeting. We have two categories: family goals and personal goals. I love this process and time together. This year we will look back at our goals we set last year and see how we did. Then we’ll make some adjustments and set new goals for this New Year!

Working on our family goals for 2019!

3.) Topping out our top three “end of the year” traditions is (drum roll please)… “Count – Cut – Donate.” (Yes, I came up with this name, because everything is more fun with a fun name… don’t you think?!)

So if your home is anything like ours, we have LOTS of stuffies. Stuffies are stuffed animals or plush toys. They somehow seem to quickly multiply in our home. One night, as we sat in the girl’s room, we looked around and realized there were WAY to many stuffies. Pody and I made a guess on how many we had in our home.

From that discussion, I thought it would be fun to get EVERY stuffie (except the most precious 2 that they sleep with every night) and put them all on the floor and actually count how many we really have. What a fun exercise! I think even the girls were shocked to see how many we really had once they were all in the same location on the floor and could be viewed ALL at once.

Each girl organized their animals in rows and counted them. Then it was time to make the cut. (I don’t mean cut them with scissors) I mean if your number is TEN stuffies, then you have to pick your top FIVE, and the rest go in a donate bag.   It wasn’t always easy, but we did get there. And now I am happy to say that we have (almost) half of the stuffies we once had. (Yes, I caved a little and let them pick a few extra)

Our stuffies and toys are ready to be donated!

Ok, that’s it! Those are our top three “End of the Year” family traditions. I hope this blog will inspire you. I hope it will encourage you to set yourself and your family up for a wonderful and successful 2019!

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