By Erin Hines

We’re So Close!

Happy Math & Music Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hopefully is enjoying a Monday holiday off with your families! Well, folks… last week came and went and our new website didn’t launch. The words I keep saying to myself are, “Anything worth doing isn’t easy” and “God’s plan and timing is better than mine.” I hope that this will be the week! Please keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming! Thank you so much for ALL the support, sweet messages, comments, posts and patience! They mean the world to me, our team and my family!

Fun Fact

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Collin Powell

I love this quote. It’s the perfect quote for this week’s blog and for this special holiday, MLK Day. I love that we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King. I love that we take a day to remember the importance of what he stood for and accomplished in his life. I hope everyone takes time to enjoy the day and reflect on our leaders who have made it possible.

Discussing leaders and dreams!

Don’t’ worry…we do have some SUPER Fun things planned for the next few days! Be sure to follow us this week on our Facebook Page and Instagram! You won’t want to miss it. We have a fun NEW joke on Tuesday for “Tell A Joke Tuesday” and a super fun “Projects with Pais on Wednesday” and a really yummy “Cooking with K” on Saturday! PLUS lots more in between!

Thanks for stopping by!

We hope you all have a wonderful Math and Music Monday or even a wonderful Math and Music WEEK!

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Have a GREAT Math and Music Monday!