Connor is having trouble remembering what a triangle looks like. To help Connor, Ally dog has a special place to take him ... The Triangle Museum! Watch this next episode to learn more!

Get up and move

Aren’t triangles amazing! Download our fun “Triangle Song” so you can learn more and move with the triangle music. How many sides does a triangle have? See you if can figure it out!


Wasn’t that fun! Now let’s listen carefully and analyze the music. This time instead of moving to the music, let’s count! Let’s practice making a triangle in the sky with the music. For another fun activity, see if you can count to 3 with the music.


It’s time to put the triangles in order! Download the Triangle Ordering Page and cut apart the triangles. Guide your child in ordering the triangles by size. For even more fun, see if you can make a picture with just triangles!​


Now you know exactly what a triangle looks like. Use the activity sheet and create your own triangles by connecting the dots. How many triangles can you create?


You have now completed the Triangle activities! Don’t forget to continue looking for triangles all around you! By completing these activities you and your child have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between music and math.

All Aboard!

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