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Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Happy Math and Music Monday!

Holy moly, it’s November! As I get older, I have come to really love this time of year. I love all the activities and the weather. I also really love all the family time and traditions! We have several, but my favorite is our thankful tree. I love it so much, I thought I would make it this week’s topic even though it doesn’t relate directly to math or music. I hope this will inspire you to make a thankful tree in your home.

Fun Fact

“The best things in life aren’t things!”

Isn’t this a great quote?! This one really hit home for me this week as we started into November and making our thankful tree. It’s sometime hard to remember that “more stuff” really doesn’t bring more happiness. Trust me, I am not perfect at this, and it is really something we should practice everyday, but with life being so busy, it can be easy to forget. So, we decided as a family, to use November as our month to refocus and be intentional with our thankfulness.

We started our thankful tree as one of our family traditions because we felt it was important to help our girls see how blessed we really are and all the things we have to be thankful for. It really is a super fun activity and doesn’t take a lot of prep.   So without further ado… Here is how we make our thankful tree.

Step 1: Go outside (or you could go to a craft store) and get some branches off a tree.

Finding the perfect branches.

Step 2:  Put the branches in a jar or vase. We use our Colvert milk bottles. You might be thinking, why Colvert milk? Well, it was my grandparents’ family business. I love that we use these old bottles and incorporate them in our design. (Side note: I feel so like Joanna Gains by saying this! Lol) If you don’t have any bottles, find a jar or vase or even better, something that is special to your family. Just be careful that your branches aren’t too heavy for your jar or vase. If they are, try putting mini rocks or something to add weight to your base.

Step 3: Next, write what your thankful for. We use little tags with string on them that I got at our local craft store. But any paper with a string would work. Everyday, for the month of November, we each write what we are thankful for. Now that our girls can write, we let them write their own. When they were younger, we would discuss and write it for them.

Sister K writing what she is thankful for.
Sister P writing what she is thankful for.

Step 4: Now it’s time to hang it on the thankful tree! I think this is our girls’ favorite part. They love picking that “perfect” spot to put their thankful card.

Finding the perfect spot!

Final Product! Here is our thankful tree. We will continue to add our cards each day. We also love to count the tags each day to see how it’s growing.   As of today (Nov. 5th) we will have a total of 20 cards! I can’t wait to see how large it gets. I will post a final product of the completely full thankful tree at the end of the month on our Facebook page: @ally dog depot and my instagram: @mathandmusicmommy, so make sure you’re following along. Also, we would love for you to share your thankful trees too!

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