By Erin Hines

Summer FUN Math & Music Challenge!

Can you believe June is almost over? What happened!?! I had so many plans for this summer that we haven’t even started. Well, I guess, better late then never, and the first day of summer was just last week… so if we are going by that as our benchmark, then I am only a few days behind. Lol. I’m so excited about this week’s blog. This week starts our Math & Music Summer Challenge! I’m sure you’re wondering what this is… if yes, never fear, your answer is here! I hope you will join us in this challenge.

Fun Fact

“Learning together is ALWAYS more Fun!” – mathandmusicmommy

Isn’t this quote so true? I actually think you could even say that really anything is more fun when you include others and/or do it together. With this in mind, I hope you all will join the girls and me on this Summer Math & Music Challenge. (I wish there was a way to make these words echo in a really loud voice, lol).   Ok, so what is the Summer Math & Music Challenge, you ask? Great question! It’s super fun and super simple to follow along! It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4!

Here is a peek at what the guide looks like!

How it works…

Step 1: Download your PDF guide below.

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What to expect…

Each week will focus on one of the Math and Music Videos and the video’s learning concept. I will email the link to you every Monday for the video of the week (or you can just go our YouTube Channel). We will follow the following road map (or I guess I should say train track!). Lol

Monday: (Math & Music Monday) Watch this week’s video and talk with your children about what you saw. What was the main learning concept? (hint: it’s listed on your guide- link above)

Tuesday: (Take it Deeper Tuesday) Ask your kids meaningful questions to continue the learning fun. Each week I’ll post my questions on our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) so be sure to follow along. Oh, and knowing our girls, we will most likely watch the video again.

Wednesday: (What We Did Wednesday) This is our time to share! Remember the quote for this week, “Learning together is ALWAYS more fun,” so let’s share! You might be thinking, what do we share? Well, ANYTHING! Tell us what your child liked best about the video, how you extended the learning, etc. Anything goes! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Thursday: (Think About it Thursday) Today is the day we think about how or where else you can take this week’s video concept.

Friday: (Fun Friday) This is a day full of fun and surprises! Some days we might visit a new place in our city to extend the learning fun. Or we might just go on a walk. We might even go shopping for patterns! Or we might even take this day off! Lol This is like a free bonus day… you just never know.

We are really excited to start this learning journey. We (Sister P, Sister K, and me) hope you will join in on the fun! Oh, and don’t stress if you miss a day… that’s the beauty of these videos and the music and math. We can just pick up where we were the next day and they don’t take long. (Parenting Win!)

Thanks for stopping by!

We hope you all have a wonderful Math and Music Monday or even a wonderful Math and Music WEEK!

Don’t forget to check out our Math and Music Videos to keep the learning going this week! As always, we would love to hear from you on how things are going! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy and Facebook: Ally Dog Depot. Oh, and if you like what you see, please share with a friend!

Have a GREAT Math and Music Monday!