By Erin Hines

Summer 2020 - It’s Coming in HOT!

Happy Math & Music Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Mother’s day!  Ours was fantastic.  We had the best breakfast on our back porch (my favorite place) with all my favorite things! It was the best Mother’s day yet.  I hope you all took some time to take care of you! As I get older (I realize that makes me sound old), if I don’t stop and have some “Mom/Me” time, even just 5 minutes in the morning, then I am not the best mom or wife I can be.  It’s not easy, but so important.  So, I hope you will add this to your day and find something that makes you happy too!  

Is anyone else feeling like, “Oh Wow, It’s almost Summertime! What am I going to do with my kids ALL SUMMER!?”  If feels like summer has really snuck up on me this year… SO we better get ready! 

Fun Quote

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

I love this quote.  It’s the perfect quote for this week’s blog.  I love the thought that we are going into “battle” this summer so we must be ready.  I don’t mean this is bad, just that we have to get our mindset right, or as my sister-in-law says, “Get our big girl panties on!” lol.  I’m actually excited about this summer!  I also love this quote because it shows that it’s TOTALLY OK to not stick to the plans we’ve made.  If the day doesn’t go quite as I had planned this summer… it’s totally ok!  We can always try again the next day.  BUT without a plan or goal we won’t get anything done.   

This week, I’m going to share with you how I get ready for summer.  I hope you find it encouraging and helpful!

First – Family Meeting: The first thing we do is have a family meeting.  We meet and talk about our personal and family goals – things we want to do together this summer. This is our “Green Light” session.  Anything goes.  We get all the ideas down first before saying “yes” or “no” to them.  Even if your children are super little and might not be able to communicate as well, I would still come to them with choices or photos of different things found on Pinterest and ask them if they think it looks fun.  The goal is to include them in the process.  

Family Planning Time!

Second – Create a Plan: Once you get all the ideas down, it’s time to start putting a plan together and looking specifically at the different things to see if are realistic and possible to do.  It’s also important to start looking at a calendar to see if it’s really possible to get them all done OR do they need to go on a “Backup” list for extra ideas.  

Third – Make a Poster: I think this is a super important step.  It’s important to put the goals and plans where everyone can see them and remember them.  Otherwise it’s easy to forget them.  We hang our family “Goals” or “Bucket List” in the kitchen so we can all see them.  Our personal ones we hang in our rooms to help us remember those too! 

We are just now starting the process…so this is what we’ll use…as soon as they are finished I’ll post a photo on our FB and Instagram pages. So, be sure to follow along!

Well, these are the key things we do in our home to make sure we have a great summer.  I hope this was helpful and encouraging!  We would LOVE to hear what your plans are for this summer! I hope you’ll send them to me.  We’re always looking for new and fun ideas! 

Don’t’ worry…we do have some SUPER Fun things planned this week! Be sure to follow us this week on our Facebook Page and Instagram! You won’t want to miss it. We have a fun NEW Joke on Tuesday for “Tell A Joke Tuesday!” A super fun “Projects with Pais on Wednesday” and a really yummy one on Saturday for “Cooking with K!”  PLUS lots more in between! 

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We hope you all have a wonderful Math and Music Monday or even a wonderful Math and Music WEEK!

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Have a GREAT Math and Music Monday!