It’s Connor’s turn to feed the fish at the station. The only problem is he doesn’t know which shape is which. Watch this next episode and see how Ally Dog and a special "guest star" help Connor better understand shapes!

Get up and move

Wow! Look at that starfish go! Download the “Starfish Song,” and listen again. How many points does the starfish have? (5 points) Be sure to do your best starfish dance moves while you listen.


Wasn’t that fun! Now let’s listen carefully and analyze the music. This time instead of moving to the music, try counting along each time the song counts. How many times did you count to five? (4 times) Here is a BIG challenge… Can you draw a star in the sky as you count to five?


Great job! Next download the activity page below and see if you can find and count all of the hidden stars in the picture. Don’t forget to do your best coloring. For an extra challenge see what other shapes you can find. Do you see any circles or squares?


Awesome job! Now it’s time to create and dress your own Starfish! What will he or she look like? Download the activity page below. Then color, cut and glue the pieces onto your own starfish. Don’t forget to share you’re a photo of your creation on our Facebook page: Ally Dog Depot.


You have now completed the fun activities with our new shape the Star!  Don’t forget to go out into the world around you and see if you can find other shapes.  Which one is your favorite?


By completing these activities you and your child have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between music and math. Look for more math and music fun, plus Extension Activities at or follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy and Facebook: Ally Dog Depot

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