By Erin Hines

Sneak Peek: Fun on the Farm!

Happy Math and Music Monday!

This is an exciting week! This week we will launch to our website the 10th Math and Music Video and Activities. I am so excited about this month’s video. It’s a good one.  This video is one that our girls can watch over and over. I really think your going to LOVE IT!

Fun Fact

“Matching and sorting games build a child’s understanding of numbers, categories and sequencing.” – Child Up

This is fantastic. We can have our children help us with sorting the laundry and it can be educational! Lol This still amazes me how powerful these seemingly simple concepts can be in a child’s development. Ok, without further ado, let’s take a sneak peek at the shooting of the “Fun on the Farm” Math and Music Video!

And Action! One of the first shots of the day! Connor is trying to figure out how to sort his laundry!
Sister P and Sister K sorting some toys!
I got to be in one! Look for the funny ending – that’s me! I got to play the sheep!”

Well, that’s a wrap!  Our NEW Math and Music Video and Activities will be coming your way THIS WEEK!

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We hope you all have a wonderful Math and Music Monday or even a wonderful Math and Music WEEK!

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Have a GREAT Math and Music Monday!

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