By Erin Hines

Concept – Sequential Order

It’s week two of our Math and Music Project.  I hope your first week was a success and you found lots of steady beats in your world.

This week’s concept is (a really good one): Sequential Order!

Fun Fact

Did you know … you use sequential order every day! Think about it … it’s true, we really do.  Think about your day, you have an order in which you do things … that is sequential order. You are also using sequential order when following a cooking recipe, reading a story, and even a table of contents is an example of sequential order.  The table of contents is a snap shot of the order of the book. Isn’t that amazing! Just like the things listed above music and math have order too. Music notes arranged in an order make up a song … if you change that order it’s a different song.  Or think about your checkbook … if you rearranged the order of the numbers, you would get a different number! Don’t we wish we could do that, LOL!

Being able to find the sequential order in your day is such an important skill.  This one skill helps children learn to recognize patterns that are happening in their world, which helps make it more predictable and understandable.  Did you know that being able to recognize sequential order would also help your child with reading? I know this may sound silly, but still to this day, it really amazes me how connected all these little things are to helping our children be the best they can be. 

Ok, now we better understand how we use sequential order in our everyday lives and why it is so important for our young children to be able to do so too! Let’s get started on what our activity looks like today!

Step #1

There are many different ways you could get started on a concept like this … we choose to use MUSIC! This also allows us to get moving … something I like to call “get the wiggles out,” Lol.  

The first song that came to mind with an obvious order or steps in it was the “Peanut Butter and Jelly Song.” Warning: this song has lots of steps in it, so you might want to listen to it before, so you can better lead your child while doing the song.  

Before starting this activity with our girls … I first, listened to the song so I would know what was going to happen, and figured out what motions I would want to use for each step.  For example: the song says “First you take the dough and you knead it; you knead it” for that part we acted like we were kneading bread. etc.

If you find yourself not having any time to prep before, that’s ok, just listen and move to the song with your child and make up motions as you go.  To make it more successful, I would play the song in parts … then stop and discuss each section of the song. For example: play the first part (or verse) the making the bread part.  After that section of the song is over, pause the song and discuss the “making the bread” steps. Then move onto the next section, making the peanut butter. Listen and move to that part of the song then pause when that part of the song is over and discuss what steps it took to make the peanut butter.   The last part of the song is making the jelly and sandwich. Do the same thing you did before, listen and move, then discuss.

I have included our “Peanut Butter and Jelly “ song below if you want to use it, but there are many other good choices you could use too! If you think of a great song that uses sequential order, I would love to hear about it.

Sister K and Sister P slicing the bread

Step #2

Here is what I said to our girls: “Wasn’t that fun making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!? Let’s see if we can figure out all the steps it took to make it.”

Making the bread:

– What did we make first? (the bread)

– What steps did we have to take to make the bread? (Knead it, bake it, smell it, slice it. Using the activity cards (found below) we placed them in the order heard in the song)

– What step came first? What step came second? etc.

– What was your favorite step when making the bread?

Making the peanut butter:

– What was the second thing we made? (the peanut butter)

– What steps did we have to do to make the peanut butter? (Pick them, bag them, mash them, spread it – Using the activity cards (found below) we placed them in the order heard in the song)

– What step came first? What step came second? etc.

– What was your favorite step when making the peanut butter?

Making the jelly/sandwich:

-What was the third thing we made? (the jelly)

-What steps did we have to do to make the jelly? (pick them, squish them, spread it –  Using the activity cards (found below) we placed them in the order heard in the song)

-What step came first? What step came second? etc.

-What was your favorite step when making the jelly?

-What was the last step? (eating the sandwich!)

*Special Note: I have included our PBJ cards from our Math and Music Program for you to use.  Another great idea would be to have your children draw their own to go with the song.

Sister K and Sister P putting the cards in order

Step #3

After having lots of fun with the Peanut Butter and Jelly song, it’s time to take it into our world around us. (I actually saved this first part for our car ride to an event we had to go to)  While in the car, we talked about our PBJ activity and I asked them if they could think of other parts of our day that we have steps we use to get things done.

We realized together that there are many times in a day that we use sequential order (we also realized, we are really using sequential order all the time!)  Sister K thought of several, but her favorites were our morning routine (wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.) and making oatmeal!

Sister P’s favorite was making butter bread, (get the bread, get the butter, put the butter on the bread, and eat it!)  This was perfect because then I could ask questions like, “how do we get the bread?” Which became another sequential order of going to the store. I feel like we could keep going and going and going.

Sister P and Sister K discussing the sequential order of their day.

An extension of this activity would be illustrating their favorite sequential order.  I plan for us to do that next when we have a little more time. That’s what is so great about this Math and Music Monday! We start the week with a new concept and keep the learning going all week, just doing a little at a time!  But I have to tell you, my favorite parts so far are the fact that they want to keep the learning going all week and spending quality time with our girls!

We did it! Another Math and Music Monday in the books!  I hope you have another wonderful Math and Music Monday too! Good Luck! Keep me posted on your success! The girls and I would love to hear how it is going!

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