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Road Trip Tools!

Happy Math and Music Monday!

Can you believe school is almost out? This time of year is SO busy with the end of school, dance recitals, soccer tournaments, graduations, piano recitals – the list can go on and on and on. If you’re like me, you are in planning mode for summer. Planning activities, camps, trips – the list is never ending. One of the most important things to plan (in my opinion) when planning trips is ACTIVITIES! I got a text from my friend the other day that said, “We are going on a road trip this summer… please pray for us!” lol This got me thinking… This is a perfect blog topic! I am excited to share with you some real life – tested by families – road trip tools!

Fun Fact

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way!” – Emma Chase

I know I say this every week, but once again… I LOVE this quote. Isn’t it so true? Arriving at your destination is fun, but the best part is the journey along the way! I hope you find these helpful! I know I will be using them the next time we go on a road trip! HUGE Thank You to my guest writers and testers this week! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all!

Our first “Road Trip Tool” is brought to you by the Hise Family! They have two great tips…

The Hise Family!

Tip #1: “We typically get multiple activities for the kids and then every hour on the hour or every couple hours pull out a new activity. That includes snacks and treats. That way they have something to look forward too. We also let them watch us traveling on Google Maps and watch the time and travel going down.”

Tip #2: “This book is called ‘Rubberneckers.’ It’s a card game where you draw cards and gain points when you spot the things on your cards as you drive. It’s a lot of fun!”

Our second “Road Trip Tool” is brought to you by the Demmon Family! They have a fun family game…

The Demmon Family!

Tip: “Let’s Play a Game – Ever since my kids were little, we have played the “Slug Bug” game on road trips or any time we are travelling as a family.  When someone sees a Volkswagen bug they “call it” and for each one they find they receive 5 points.  However, when my daughter was little she couldn’t tell the difference between a VW Bug and a PT Cruiser, so we decided to just count them both!  Over the years we have added things like “old school” Volkswagen bugs and campers which are so rare they are worth 25 points.  But be careful, if you call something incorrectly, it will cost you, and you have to subtract the points instead of adding.  It’s a fun way to pass the time with a little friendly competition. My kids, who are now 18 and 14, still play every time we get in the car.  LOL!  You can apply it to anything you might see on a road trip – the golden arches of Mc Donald’s, motorcycles, or old red barns.  You pick based on where you are travelling.”

"Slug Bug Red!"

Our third “Road Trip Tool” is brought to you by us, the Hines Family! We LOVE to add Music to our family road trips!

The Hines Family!

Tip: “Don’t forget the Music!” Whether it’s a long road trip or a short trip to the store, don’t forget to add some music! I am always grateful that we have it. It’s always fun to sing or pat the steady beat on our head, tummy, toes or even your nose! We even take turns leading. Music is a fun way to break up the trip!


Dance Party in the car!
Oh, and of course… there is always Ally Dog Depot to the rescue if you need a little something extra!

I hope you find these “Road Trip Tools” helpful and they make your next family road trip a little easier! As always, I would LOVE for you to share some of your favorite “Road Trip Tools” with us! Please feel free to email me or post on one of our social pages!


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