Connor and Ally Dog are practicing for the local talent show, but Connor can’t remember when to come in. Watch this next episode and see how Ally Dog uses a pattern to help Connor remember!

Get up and move

Wow! Aren't patterns amazing. Download the Monster/Mouse activity music and see if you can move like the Monster and Mouse.


Wasn’t that fun? Now let’s see if we can figure out how many times we heard the two different parts of the music. Download the Monster and Mouse activity page below. Color and cut out the cards. Then listen to the music again. Every time you hear the Monster part (music), hold your Monster card up in the air. Then when you hear the Mouse part (music), hold your Mouse card up in the air. Be sure to count how many times you held each card up in the air.


Great job! Now it’s time to figure out the pattern of the Monster/Mouse music. Using your Monster and Mouse activity cards, listen to the music again. Place the activity card on the floor/table that matches the music heard. At the end of the music you should have the pattern: Monster – Mouse – Monster - Mouse. Then ask your child, “How many monsters do you see?” (2 monsters) and “How many mice do you see?” (2 mice) “What was your favorite part of the piece?” (have your child hold their favorite part/card up. Then discuss why it was their favorite part.


For fun, download the Monster/Mouse finger puppet activity page below and move to the music. You could even ask a friend to join you and divide the two parts. One person could be the Monster and the other could be the Mouse, just like Connor and Ally Dog! How fun! Be sure to check out our blogs: Monster/Mouse Sneak Peak and Monster/Mouse Extension Activities for more fun with the Monster and Mouse!


You have now completed the Monster and Mouse activities!
Did you know that this piece of music was written by Beethoven and is actually called, Beethoven’s Symphony #5, 1 st Mvt. (excerpt)
By completing these activities you and the children have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between Music and Math. Look for more Math and Music fun, plus Extension Activities at or follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy and Facebook: Ally Dog Depot!

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