Connor and Ally are hungry and want to make a sandwich, but Connor can’t remember what goes in the middle or even what the middle is. Watch this next episode and see how a new friend helps us learn more about the middle.

Get up and move

How fun was that!? Our new friend Mr. Chimps Bananas loves to find the middle of things. Let’s play the song again and see if we can find the middle! Be sure to get up and move.


Wasn’t that fun? Now it’s time to see if we can help our monkey find the middle of a song. Download the “Monkey in the Middle” page below color and cut him out with your grownup. Then play the “Monkey in the Middle Short” song and when you hear the Monkey in the Middle tune, hold your monkey high in the air. The song will start with drums, wait for the middle (Monkey in the Middle tune) and then hold your monkey high in the air.


Great job! Now it’s time to make your own sandwich! What will you put in the middle? Does it matter what you put into the middle? Or is it still the middle? If yes, why does it matter? (Hint: it’s still the middle, but does matter because your finger will get sticky if you put the cheese on the outside) Download the page below and make your own.


Way to go! Now let's find the middle of something new. What is in the middle of your face? Download the activity below to try on different noses and see what looks best on you! We encourage you to take your noses out into your world and share them with friends and family. What else has a middle for you to find?


You have now completed the Monkey in the Middle activities!  By completing these activities you and the children have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy and encouraged STEM problem solving. All the while, obtaining a more complete understanding of “middle” because it’s also experienced via the aural domain (music) as well as being related to the structure of our Monkey song. Look for more Math and Music fun and more extension activities on our Facebook Page (Ally Dog Depot) or follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy.

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