Ally is your partner at the Ally Dog Depot. She’ll help you learn new ideas and make connections in the real world! Follow her bouncing red bow and you’ll soon be the conductor of a Depot of your own!


Connor may not know everything there is, but he’s our very own conductor. He always asks questions when he doesn’t know and he tries to keep us on track to learning success! His friend, Ally Dog, is there to give him the help he needs ‘cause he wants to be best conductor there ever was!

Philosophy and Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to help children ages 3-6 use the power of music to discover the fun of math! We use music and multi-modal learning to climb the pyramid of Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Development from bottom to top leading the children to evaluate and create as their imagination is stimulated. Purposefully designed activities and strategic questioning help engage their higher-level thinking skills while they are having fun. The spiral nature of the program lends itself to multiple opportunities to encounter each concept.


Fun to use, all-in-one lessons which allow the parent or teacher to easily guide their children on a real learning journey using an imaginary train ride adventure as the road map to success.


Unique musical examples provide the context for discovery of mathematical concepts through movement reflecting the architecture of the music and experiential learning.


Foundational math concepts including number sense, sequencing, pattern recognition and graphing come to life through engaging hands-on activities and musical problem solving.

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