Connor is having trouble figuring-out how to use his pogo stick. See how Ally Dog uses the power of the steady beat to help!

Get up and move

Wow! Isn't that steady beat amazing! Steady beats are everywhere! Download the activity Kangaroo song below and see if you can hop to the steady beat too!


Wasn't that fun! Now let's listen carefully and analyze the music! Let's listen and freeze on the talking parts and hop and jump with the "Boing" steady beat part of the music


Awesome! Now download our steady beat chart. Point and count how many times we do each group with the music! Here's a hint: Start at the top of the page "Keep the Beat"- and make sure to count with each section the music. How many fast groups of 8 did we do? How many slow groups of 2 did we do? How many middle groups of 4 did we do?


Different levels of steady beats are happening all the time in music. For fun, use your Kangaroo finger puppet to create you own order of the different levels of steady beat with the full length version of the kangaroo song. You can also find the steady beat in any of your favorite songs!


You have now completed the kangaroo activities! By completing these activities you and the children have not only reached the highest level of Blooms Taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between music and math. Look for more math and music fun at Ally Dog Depot!

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