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Hey Friends! Happy Math and Music Monday.

I think of all the blogs I have written, I am most excited and honored to share this blog. I am SO, SO grateful for each and every one of you! You’re not only taking the time to read the blog, but you’re also taking the time to do the activities with your amazing children. I want you all to know that your stories are what keep us going, keep us making videos, and keep us moving forward! So please keep them coming.

Ok, I bet you’re wondering why I am saying all this… well, my friends, this blog is all about you. It’s all about you, our amazing followers, and people using the videos and the different activities! So as our girls would say it, “This blog is brought to you… by… YOU!”

Fun Fact

“When one teaches, two learn!” – Robert Heinlein

This week we are going to highlight 4 amazing families. These families are currently using our videos and activities in their homes.

Our first amazing family is the Sykes family. They love the Triangle video. Here is what they had to say, “ What a fun, easy, no prep lesson! I loved doing this with the kids. We watched the video, talked about what we heard, then went on a scavenger hunt for triangles. Look at what we found!”

Triplets finding Triangles!

Our second family is the wonderful Clowers family. This sweet family loves the Inchworm video and activities. “We love doing a little Ally Dog in the car on the go to pass the time! The Inchworm race is his favorite activity!”

Inchworm fun on the go!

Our third family is the precious Beattie family. They love all the videos and activities, but their favorite is the All Aboard Video/Song! “I love that this program checks all the learning boxes at the same time! I love that we can use these activities as a family, with our 2, 5, almost 8 and 10 year old children.” Mrs. Beattie continued, “I am passionate to share with others that this program has been wonderful to use with all our children but especially with our almost 8-year old. Her learning delays are mild autism and dyslexia, vision, and auditory processing delays. We use these activities alongside the other therapies. This program is perfect for incorporating physical activity, cross-the-midline activities, patterns, and steady beat/tracking, all of which are key to any child’s development. I want other families to know that these activities are perfect for your child with special learning needs. I hope my story inspires other families to use them too.”

Our fourth family is the wonderful Brown Family. “My son is 3 years old. We have been trying to focus on doing some preschool at home, so he can learn and be ready for Pre-K next year. Erin was a guest speaker at a local mom’s group, and I was inspired to use music and math more in our daily activities. We started by talking about patterns and how to make patterns. One day my son was eating lunch and said, ‘Mom, I am eating in a pattern! Chicken nugget, grape, chicken nugget, grape!” He has really started to find patterns all around us in our world. The next fun experience was when we were in the McDonald’s drive thru. He pointed out the gray, red, gray, red, pattern on the truck next to us. All by himself! He is finding patterns which is MATH! He especially loved watching the Monster/Mouse episode because it showed him that patterns can be more elaborate and in music. And I am doing a little happy dance because I taught my kid that… well, with the help of Ally Dog.”

Pattern fun while waiting! Do you see the pattern too?

I am truly blown away by these stories and feeling so, SO very blessed. Thank you, families, for sharing your stories! Thank you to all the families for including us in your child’s learning journey. What an honor it is. I hope these stories will inspire you and encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. Please know we are here to come alongside you and your child/children learning journey. As always, I hope you have the best Math and Music Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Have a GREAT Math and Music Monday!

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