By Erin Hines

It’s ok to let them play!

Happy Math and Music Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend. We sure did and, to tell you the truth, I’m a little sad it’s already over. Am I the only one who feels like summer is already over? I’m excited for all the things we have coming up, so I guess we’ll keep moving forward. This past week, I got the chance to spend time with some very special mom friends. In our discussions we talked about many different things, but one thing really got stuck in my mind. It was the topic of summer learning. Maybe it stuck with me because I to feel a little like, wow, the summer is almost over and I had so many things I wanted to cover and learning activities I wanted to do with the girls and we haven’t even started them… but then I realized and remembered the research! The research that says it’s ok and really more than ok, it’s IMPORTANT to just let kids play!

Fun Fact

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers

I love this quote. I love what it says… don’t you? It reminds me of the importance of having those learning moments with your kids and also the importance of letting them play (and not feel guilty about it!). I always try to remind myself, that if they are able to apply it (the learning concept) to their play or the world around them, then that means they get it… they really get it!

I hope these thoughts and this quote can serve as a reminder and can help take a little pressure off. Yes, summer learning is important… but so is the importance of play! We can do this! Summer is almost over, but it’s not over yet!

Just a quick reminder… The Ally Dog Depot videos and activities are designed to be “tools in your tool belt!” I use them about 5 -10 mins at a time to set the learning for the week or to avoid a meltdown! Lol (especially when the girls were little) but even now I still use them. One simple question like, “Can you find any stars in the room?” or “Let’s turn on our favorite song and hop like a kangaroo!” or “Let’s pat the steady beat!” can turn it all around!

I still believe the time spent with your child is the most powerful gift you can give, not only to your child, but also to YOURSELF.

I am still passionate about helping others have the tools they need to make the most of intentional, quality time with their child.

Together we can do this! Remember… it’s ok to let them PLAY! I hope you will share with me (and the girls) this week how you and your children/child “Played” this week!

Puzzle Time! (under the table) lol

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This week’s Video of is (still my FAVORITE): “Kangaroo!

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