By Erin Hines

Giving Back!

Happy Math and Music Monday!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas time? I can’t. One of my favorite memories during this holiday season is when we would take time to give back. I was taught to take time to give to those who have less than I have. Now that I am a mom, it’s something I want (as does Pody) to make sure and teach our girls. I am excited to share with you some of our family traditions for giving back.

Fun Fact

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

I love this quote. We love it so much we have it hanging in our girls’ room. I like that it is a consistent reminder that unless we care enough to do something to make the world a better place, big or small, nothing will change. This is one of my prayers for our girls (and myself) – to always do something to make the world better.

Our first project was to fill a backpack for a child who most likely would not receive gifts for Christmas. This was so fun because our backpack was for a little girl the same age as our little girls. The girls had fun picking things that they would be excited to get. We also have the girls pick one gently loved toy, of their own, to include in the bag. This is important to us because it adds a personal gift of love from each girl.

Filling the backpack with all of our favorite things!

Our second project was to donate to a local food bank.   I love this project, because it helps the girls understand that not everyone can afford to food. The girls had fun with Grammy picking food that they would enjoy eating and were excited to pass it on to someone else.

Shopping for food with Grammy!

Our third project was to fill shoeboxes with things like a toothbrush and tooth paste for homeless children. We had so much fun picking other necessary items for children around the same age as the girls and wrapping the shoebox with special paper. (Full confession, we ran out of paper for Sister P’s shoebox in the photo, but did get it wrapped before giving it to the children) I also love this because we encouraged them to include not just toys. This was the perfect opportunity to talk with the girls about how much everything costs and how we need to be thankful for all the things we have, including our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Sister P putting the final personal touch with a special note in her shoebox. Sister K adding a super cute hat and mittens!
Almost ready to go!

This last project is a special one, and it was all Sister Ks idea. I am not really sure how she thought to do this, but I am super proud of her for wanting to this. Sister K decided about 6 months ago that she wanted to donate her hair to a child who is sick or doesn’t have hair. When I asked her why, she said, “I just want to help someone in my community. I know there are kids who need hair, so I want to share mine.” It makes me a proud mama! We haven’t cut it yet, but plan to do so on Dec. 20th. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the full story.

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I hope this blog will encourage you all to do some kind of giving back project with your child or students. Every little bit helps make our communities and world a better place!

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