Connor is trying to sing some high sounds and low sounds, but is getting so confused on which one is which. Watch this next episode and see how Ally Dog uses a roller coaster to help Connor better understand!

Get up and move

Wow! Who knew a roller coaster could help us better understand the High and Low sounds? Download the “High/Low Activity Song,” and see if you can raise your hands high when you hear the high sounds and then put your hands low when you hear the low sounds. The song starts in the middle. Be sure to create some fun dance moves for this middle part.


Wasn’t that fun. Watch the video one more time… Did you see the bird high in the sky? Did you see the cow low on the ground? Did you hear the high tweet of the bird? Did you hear the low moo of the cow? Now let’s see if we can figure out how many times we heard the two different parts (high/low) of the song. Download the bird and cow activity page below. Color and cut them out. Then listen to the music again. Every time you hear the high sound, hold your bird card high up in the air. Then when you hear the low part of the song, hold your cow card low to the ground. Be sure to count at the end how many times you held each card up in the air or down low. During the middle parts, put your cow and bird down and dance around.


Great job! Now let’s look at some high/low patterns and create our own. Download the Ally Dog Roller Coaster Activity Page and see if you can trace the patterns. As you trace the patterns of the roller coasters, be sure to say the high/low or middle out loud. For example: Low, high, low, high (see first pattern) etc. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions like: “How many highs do you see on the first roller coaster?” or “How many lows do you see? Let’s count them together!” etc. For the last roller coaster, see if you can make a pattern to match the music, “High/Low Activity Song.” (Answer: Middle, High, Middle, Low, Middle, High, Middle, Low)


Awesome job! Draw your own roller coaster on a blank piece of paper. Now that you have designed your own roller coaster, can you add your voice? When your roller coaster goes high on your paper, make your voice go high. When your roller coaster goes low on your paper, make your voice go low. Create as many roller coasters as you want.


You have now completed the Fun with High/Low Sounds Activities!  Don’t forget to go out into the world around you and see if you can find other High and Low sounds.  You could even make a roller coaster chart to match what you find just like you did with Ally Dog!

By completing these activities you and your child have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between music and math. Your child was able to listen to something in the aural domain (the music) and make a visual representation (a graph) of what they heard! How cool is that!  Look for more math and music fun, plus Extension Activities at or follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy and Facebook: Ally Dog Depot

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