By Erin Hines

What I learned from Ally Dog!

Happy Math and Music Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  I hope your week is field with lots of fun family activities. If you saw my post this week on Facebook or Instagram, you know that this week has been a sad one for our family. Our beloved puppy (who was 16), Ally Dog, went to heaven.   Some of you know this, but many of you might not know that Ally Dog is not only a character in our Math and Music Program and the inspiration for the Ally Dog Depot, but was also my real doggie. She was my very first furry baby that I ever had, and she really taught me so, so much.

Fun Fact

“Everyone deserves a wave, wave, wave!”

I have so many happy memories with Ally Dog. From the times I would come home and she would be so happy to see me that she would cover me with puppy kisses. Or the time she ran from our backyard, all the way down our driveway, across the street, into the neighbor’s house and made them all scream with surprise (while I was in my bathrobe and underwear chasing after her). The perfect way to meet your neighbors don’t you think? Lol. But my very favorite of all, if I had to pick, is the lesson she taught me about the power of the wave. When I say wave, I don’t mean some halfway or small wave… I mean a vigorous, so happy to see you I can hardly stand it, double-pawed wave!

Ally Dog the puppy!

Ally would greet anyone and everyone with this wave. It didn’t matter who you were, big or small, old or young, friendly or grumpy, you got the same wave no matter what. One day we were invited to be on a local TV show with Ally Dog. We walked into the waiting room to meet a girl/receptionist who, let’s just say, acted like she would rather be scrubbing toilets than be there that day.   As we walked up to the counter to check in, Ally Dog waved at her. I tell you people, that girl was SHOCKED to see such a little dog give a big wave.   She instantly smiled and her whole attitude changed. It was amazing. I think there is such a lesson in this, and it is perfect for this Thanksgiving week. A little kindness (or wave) can brighten someone’s day!!

So this week, as we go out into the world, let’s all learn a little something from Ally Dog… Whether it’s a smile, or holding the door open for someone, or even a wave, let’s show people we care and spread a little kindness. I know Ally Dog would.

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Our last family Christmas Card with Ally Dog - 2017

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