Ally Dog is a very special doggie! She can do all kinds of tricks. She can do a total of 10 tricks! Watch this next episode and see if you can do them too!

Get up and move

Isn’t Ally Dog AMAZING! Listen to the “Ally Dog Song” so you can do the tricks with the music too. Don’t forget we start with the double-handed: Wave, Wave, Wave!


Wasn’t that fun! Now let’s listen carefully and analyze the order of the song. Download the Ally Dog Activity Cards, color and cut them out. This time instead of doing the tricks, see if you can put the tricks in order while listening to the song. (You will have two extra/blank cards… hold on to them, we will use them in Step 4.) After you have them order, go back and listen again to check your work.


Awesome! Now, that we know the order of all the Ally Dog tricks, let’s count them! There should be a total of 10 tricks! Once you have them in the correct order, and have counted them, see if you can number them. Awesome Job! Now, let’s use those extra/blank cards from Step 3. One of the cards says, “Draw your Favorite Trick.” – On this card, do just that. What was your favorite Ally Dog trick? The other cards say, “Create your own.” – On that card draw or write a trick you wish Ally Dog could do?


Great Job! Now it’s time to find the order of your day! Just like the “Ally Dog Song” had an order, your day has an order too! Download the “Draw Your Day” pages. Guide your child in thinking about the different steps of their day. After you wake up, what do you do first? Do you make your bed? Do you eat breakfast? As you think about them, draw each step on a different card. Then put them in the correct order of your day.


You have now completed the Ally Dog Song activities and had fun experiencing/practicing Sequential Order!  For more fun with Connor and Ally Dog, check out our weekly blogs. Click the menu at the top of the home page, and select blog for more learning fun.  By completing these activities you and your child have reached the highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy, encouraged STEM problem solving, all the while connecting concepts between music and math. Look for more math and music fun at or follow us on Instagram @mathandmusicmommy.

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